JCONF Colombia 2019

Lately I have attended to a number of conferences on technology, but I must say that I enjoyed JCONF in a different way. For once, it was very nice to meet many people that have worked with me during these years (@gaijinco was on fire at the event!), but also because of realizing how vibrant and diverse the Java community is nowadays.

Despite being the first Java Conference organized by the JUG groups in Colombia, the organizers pulled out a successful event. As always, there must be a few details to work on for next time but I’ll skip commenting on that and focus on the learning, which doubtlessly it was the biggest takeaway from this conference.

The conference started on Thursday with a limited-access workshop with Venkat Subramaniam (@venkat_s) about Reactive Programming Workshop. Although I couldn’t get an entrance, my colleague Oscar did and shared a nice few pictures from the experience).

On Friday, also in Universidad Luis Amigó, 3 workshops were offered to the community:


I don’t have much detail about the two latter, but as I joined the first which was facilitated by Frank Munz (@frankmunz), I was quickly introduced to the AWS Lambda services and a a nice lab to set up and test streams producers and consumers plugged to a web app with online (I think I missed the connection to wildrydes.com initially but it now makes total sense). It’s a rather comprehensive lab workshop that I must be able to complete during the following days.

That afternoon the talks were at Universidad de Antioquia main campus and were amazing. A few notes about them:

Spring boot with Mark Heckler (@mkheck)

Spearheading the future of Programming with Venkat Subramaniam (@venkat_s)

Culture of Innovation with Frank Munz (@frankmunz)

On Saturday, the venue changed to Ruta N (one of my favorites places for conferences) and they turned to be more code and practice oriented*:

* I had to skip Mercedes Wyss great talk on Modern IAM but I managed to retrieve her slides, so here they are for your reference:


Then I attended to the following ones:

Reactive Revolution with Josh Long (@starbuxman)

Twelve ways to make your code suck less (@venkat_s)

Arquitecturas Híbridas (Ubaldo Villaseca)

Serverless Java, beyond Lambdas

JavaEE, Jakarta EE, Microprofile, or all of them (@DaschnerS)

Reactive with Angular and Flux (@loiane)

Bootiful testing (@starbuxman)

JCONF Colombia 2019 left us with great pictures with amazing lecturers and leaders:

Also with the team at the first serverless lambda with AWS workshop:

And last but not least, my bounty!

I know it’s been quite a while, ant that’s why I wanted to retake blogging with a juicy entry. And this time I intend to keep this blog updated with findings, events and news, so stay tuned!


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