Gherkin + Mocha

A friend just published (here) an integration for Mocha using Gherkin language (akin to what Martin Fowler described as a “Business Readable, Domain Specific Language”).

Why is it needed? Here’s a brief sample of how mocha runs normally:


With Mocha-Gherkin-UI you’ll have an output like this one:

Mocha and Gherkin

In brief, what you gain is the ability to describe a test by providing a broader context and add tags which have some obvious gains such as being able to use issue tracking tools API to automate the workflow of test executions,  coverage, and whatnot. Also, Gherkin support adds the possibility to define a steps-based flow, which, in some circumstances when the test flow is complex it’s highly desired to be able to do that.

Andrés will be glad to receive feedback from anyone interested in this, so feel free to give it a try and let him know your thoughts.


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