KnightWatch v1

So my friend slashie is working on a much needed, more popular knightswatch version for android smarwatch.

Slashie's Journal

It has come to my knowledge that there is still some people in the world who cannot afford a fine watch such as the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Knights of The Round Table, this saddens me a lot.

That’s why I have decided to do a small side project along with my pal, Giovanny Ramirez (same guy who did the illustrations for the latest Ananias Crowdfunding Campaign), we are going to create a similar fantasy watch, but a tad more affordable for the common man, running on Android Smartwatches.

So far I’ve been fiddling with Android Studio, trying to set up the correct combination of SDK / AVD / Tools etc. I had to give up with the emulators for Android Wear; they simply didn’t work (the watch face never showed up) and my 4GB MacBook Pro is just too weak for android emulation (it works perfect for JS dev but this is another…

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