Task Scheduling SaaS – Free Options?

I am currently working on a project which has the constraint of leveraging only on free resources: code repo, bugtracking, team communication, build/deploy, infrastructure, monitoring, data storage, hosting. Although this limitation makes the task a bit more complicated (you can do one-stop-shop sometimes, right rackspace? right?), it also made it a collection of interesting challenges, latest of which I summarize below.

I was looking for FREE SaaS solutions for scheduling a simple http request but all I’ve got* was webscripts.io and iron.io – both non-free in their useful version (webscripts.io has a free version but erases all your scripts after 7 days).  Anyway, googling the old way got me thinking about how do we use filters in search (if we do at all) given our main search engine has became so smart. Tried adding exclude keywords to the search and I ended up with this: https://www.google.com.co/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=scheduler+as+a+service+-windows+-spring+-java+-desk+-owner+-technician+-car+-medical+-shavlik+-student.

I have to add to that the fact that I’m currently hosting such project in Heroku and the temporize add-on is very promising, but that is also requesting at least credit card information.

* Actually, I also found wsscheduler, an old-looking and apparently unmaintained service (ToS dated 2006) that frankly didn’t gather enough merit to be considered seriously.

Will continue my search and update this entry with my success (or even failure) story.

[Update] I’m currently implementing the https keepalive GET request via anturis.com, which turns out to be very easy to get going and allows for quite a few different options.

[Update] After a few months I wish anturis had also a way to schedule, even a simple GET request. Don’t get me wrong, the keepalive workaround still works, but I’m really more into leaving aside the need to do this and fix the issue. Still need to study Node.js more in detail!


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