Music for development (in Ubuntu 12.04), part 1: equalization

First things first. How far can you go without a fine playlist? the answer to that may differ from person to person, but from what I gather from people around, and along my career, I consider it’s a fundamental part of a developer motivation. Be it rock, urban, folk, classical, new age … the choices are widening and the services/libraries are everyday growing. But first, how about some decent equalization? Even if you have a great set of speakers or a decent headset, equalization makes up for a better experience.

So, in Ubuntu Precise, there is no equalizer included in the distro. In my case, I love hearing the pumping bass from time to time and I decided to overcome the initial dismay with a package that addresses that fault.

Check these steps:

  1. You’re gonna need to install a package that was developed for oneiric (Ubuntu 11.04) but that has been tested in Precise with no known issues so far. Go to the Precise Package link below and install it using Software Center or any other means of your choice.
  2. Enjoy.

Note: I know this is a development forum and I will honor it with more focused and technical posts soon, but I considered the environment to include music as part of your productivity and motivation.

Link to Precise (12.04) Package (.deb file)

Link to other versions for the package (sources, and the like):

The WebUpd8 page for pulse-audio-equalizer:

Reference to Ubuntuforums thread: